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Six Factors Affect the Aeration Rate of Flotation Machine


Flotation Machine

Flotation machine is the important equipment for ore beneficiation line, which is not only used for separating ferrous metal, but also for the rough and fine separation of non metallic minerals. Its aeration rate directly affects the flotation indexes of flotation machine. There are many factors influence the aeration rate of flotation machine, which mainly can be summarized in the following six factors:

1. The gap between the impeller and cover plate. The size of the gap directly affects the aeration quantity of the flotation machine. If the gap is too large, the pulp will turn to the blade front rear from the leaves, which may reduce the vacuum behind the blade and the filling volume will be reduced; if the gap is too small, impact and friction will be generated between the impeller and cover plate, so the inflation quantity will be decreased. The most appropriate clearance is 6 ~ 8mm.

2. The impeller speed. In a certain range, if the rotating speed of the impeller is large, the inflatable quantity is large. But if the speed is too high, the impeller cover plate will wear quickly and the power consumption will be increased, which may influence the instability of pulp surface.

3. The amount of slurry. The pulp amount in the center of the impeller is the most appropriate with the maximum aeration amount. If the grout quantity is too large, when it is more than the production capacity, the slurry can clog the air cylinder and the breathing difficulties will occur, so the aeration amount will decline. In addition, if the internal pulp cycle capacity is large (i.e. from the circular hole on the cover of the return to the impeller chamber of the pulp volume), the aeration amount will be large, but the power consumption will increase at the same time.

4. The depth of slurry in upper part of the impeller. The larger it is, the greater effect on the static pressure of impeller, the resistance for rotation of the impeller will increase and flotation air amount becomes small. All the factors that lead to the increasing pulp of static pressure, such as the groove depth, slurry concentration, will reduce the amount of flotation air.

5. The mass fraction of pulp also has a great impact on inflation and the dispersion degree. In general, when the slurry mass fraction increases within certain limits, the inflation rate and dispersion degree also increases at the same time. But the content cannot be too large, otherwise, the air quantity will become bad.

6. The uniform distribution of bubbles in the pulp. The uniform distribution of bubbles in the pulp directly affects the working efficiency of flotation machine. In the mechanical agitation type flotation machine and pneumatic flotation machine, improving the stirring intensity can improve the bubble distribution uniformity and dispersion degree. When the slurry concentration is in the range of 25%~35%, the uniform bubble dispersion degree and distribution will be the best with the most efficient flotation.

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