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The Main Types of Mechanical Agitation Flotation Machine


According to the air inflation and agitation method, flotation cells used in industrial production include three types: mechanical agitation flotation machine, air inflation mechanical agitation flotation cell and pneumatic flotation machine. Among them, mechanical agitation cell flotation relies on mechanical mixer to realize the air inflation and mixing of pulp. There are several types of mechanical agitation flotation machines which will be introduced here in detail.

(1) XJ type flotation separator

XJ type flotation separator is traditionally known as “A” type flotation cell with wide application in domestic market. Its impeller is in radial shape, so that the air dispersion is not sufficient, and the bubbles are not stable, which makes the automatic control of liquid level difficult to be realized. The flotation cells are in interval type, so that the flow velocity of pulp is limit by gate, the flow velocity will decrease and the flotation separation speed will slow down, and the ores with big density and coarse granularity are easy to settle. The inflating volume is not easy to adjust so that it is difficult to adapt to the change of ore property. The roughing and scavenging work in large flotation separation plant should avoid using this type of cell flotation.

(2) JJF type and XJQ type Flotation-cell

These two types of flotation-cell can be divided into deep chute type and shallow chute type. Pulp will form big circulation on the bottom of the chute and has suction capacity. Compared with other types of flotation separator, it has an impeller with small diameter, low rotating speed, small installation depth and low electricity consumption. The gap between impeller and stator is large and the wear is small. The pump level is stable, so that it is convenient to realize automatic control.

(3) SF flotation-cell

This type of flotation-cell has back-leaning two-sided blade, so that ore pulp inside the chute will form double circulation. Compared with XJ type flotation-cell, it has high suction amount, low power consumption, low rotating speed of impeller and small abrasion of impeller and cover plate.

(4) Claviform flotation-cell

This is a shallow-chute flotation plant. The claviform impeller rotates to mix the pulp and sucks in air and the suction of pulp is realized by pulp suction wheel. This flotation plant has strong agitation force and high air inflation amount. In addition, it has simple structure, convenient operation and low electricity consumption.

(5) Ring efflux flotation plant

The feature of this machine is adopting special rotating impeller, and the cyclic annular pulp flow sucks in air from the bottom center of the impeller, so that it has the function of secondary air suction, which increases the pulp circulation volume and air mixing area. In addition, it has simple structure, strong agitation force, high flotation speed and high handling capacity in unit volume.

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