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How Can Set up the Transmission Gear of Ball Mill?


The set up of the transmission gear of ball grinding mill has a great impact on the normal and highly efficient work of the grinding mills, for this reason, to ensure the high working efficiency of grinding mills, it is necessary to reasonably set up the transmission gear of ball grinding mill.

The set up of the transmission gear of ball mill includes three aspects of work which are listed in the following:

(1) Set up a room for transmission gear

To create the condition for long time of safe operation of the transmission gear, the transmission mechanism including motor and reducer should be separated from the grinding room and set up a room for transmission gear, to ensure clean environment and the working safety of the transmission system. Open-type motor can be used, which is conducive to the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

(2) Reasonably set up the peripheral driving gear wheel and pinion

The arrangement angle of the pinion is the included angle of the line of centers of gear wheel and pinion and the horizontal line. Under the half-dry friction, the total resultant force effecting on the gear wheel is generally vertically up and that effecting on the driving pinion is vertically down. The downward pressure on the transmission bearings reduces the load on the foundation bolts of the pedestal bearings of the pinion shaft. When the arrangement angle of the pinion is 20~30°, the position of the pinion will be downward bias, which reduces the horizontal floor space of the grinding cylinder. After satisfying the above-mentioned conditions, we should also make sure the foundation surface of the transmission bearings and the main bearing of the grinding mills on an identical plane.

(3) Structure of the peripheral driving big gear ring

The peripheral driving big gear ring is large and heavy, and it is generally formed by two half gear rings, which is conducive to dismantling. The number of the gear rings is even number, and the two half gear rings should be able to precisely coincide. The installation method of the big gear ring generally is fixing the gear ring onto the cylinder or the flange of the end cap with bolts.

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