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How to Relieve the Damages to Gangue Crusher?


Correctly handle coal gangue crusher is very important for equipment maintenance, otherwise, it will cause certain damages to equipment. Right operation method is the key factor determining production efficiency and energy consumption. This paper is mainly to introduce how to reduce the damages to gangue crusher.

Gangue Crusher

Even feeding:

Even feeding is the taboo when using crushing equipment, and this phenomenon occurs frequently. Many operators in order to achieve a higher production, alternately increase or reduce the feeding amount, which is easy to keep the equipment in overload operation for a long time. As a consequence, it is easy to cause damages to gangue crusher and its components. Therefore, we should try to avoid uneven feeding in the production. We can take advantage of feeder machine to achieve such an uniform feeding.

Periodic lubrication:

In the daily maintenance of gangue crusher, we should make sure that the lubrication system of the bearing runs well in case that lubricating oil supply reduction or interruption result in bearing damages. Besides, when to add lubricating oil to the bearing, we should pay attention to its purity, oiliness and additive amount and ensure forming oil film between the bearings to relieve the damages to gangue crusher and its bearings.

Reduce hammer abrasion:

In the process when gangue crusher is operating, we must constantly adjust the clearance of each part to make it within a proper range. It can not only reduce the occurrence of material deposit, improve material's crushing effect, but also can reduce the wear and tear to its hammer head. On the other hand, we should give the hammer head a proper maintenance during the production, regularly clean the materials accumulating in the crushing cavity, so as to reduce hammer abrasion.

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