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Ball Mill Common Faults and Solutions


When ball mill is at work, it may encounter with severe vibration. This situation may be caused by the poor fixation of its foundation in the installation or because something that cannot be broken enters into the machine. In addition to these, what kinds of malfunctions does the ball mill have?

1. Water leakage of the main bearing.

Reasons: 1. The water connection isn't tight. 2. The spherical bearing cracks.

Solutions: 1. Reassemble the joint with sealant. 2. Mend the spherical bearing by means of bonding method or replenishing welding method.

Ball Mill

2. The connection bolts of the transmission bearing and its bearing seat fracture.

Reasons: 1. Incorrect installation of the shaft coupling and large deviation. 2. The transmission shaft is overloaded. 3. The transmission shaft is of low intensity and poor quality.

Solutions: Install and adjust the coupling afresh. 2. Prevent overload phenomenon from happening. 3. Change a high-quality transmission shaft. 4. Fix and adjust the bearing, change the bolts and fasten them properly.

3. Material leakage on the liner connection.

Reasons: 1. The liner bolts loose or break off. 2. The liner is badly worn. 3. The seal washer is worn.

Solutions:Screw up or replace the bolts. 2. Repair or change the liner. 3. Replace the seal washer.

4. An enormous vibration occurs when the reducer driving the ball mill.

Reasons: The axes of ball mill and reducer are not in a straight line.

Solutions: Readjust ball mill and reducer to make their axes in a plane axis.

5. Feeding end leakage.

Reasons: The clearance between the input pipe and feeding spiral is too big, with poor sealing. So is the clearance between the feeder and hopper. 2. The sealing gasket is worn or falls off.

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