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Operation Notes of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder


1. Before starting the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, please adjust amplitude knob to the minimum position, switch on switchboard power supply and control power supply in order, then turn the amplitude adjustment knob to gradually make the amplitude of grizzly feeder reach 7.5 mm and current reach rated value; also, we can adjust amplitude and current to what we need according to the actual situation. In the later use, the grizzly feeder is allowed to directly start and stop under the rated voltage.

2. We can adopt the following methods to adjust production of electromagnetic vibrating feeder in general:
(1) Adjust the inclination of vibration feeder tub within -20°.
(2) Adjust aperture of bin or funnel gate so that adjust the production of vibration feeder uniformly and continuously.
(3) Change the angle of silicon controlled rectifier to adjust the production of vibrating feeder uniformly and continuously.
3. In the operation process of electromagnetic vibrating feeder, please pay attention to the stability of current; if current change is bigger, please check reasons that cause changes in current, which generally include the followings:
(1) Screw on top spring plate looses after long-term operation.
(2) Spring plate of vibration feeder fractures.
(3) Air gap between armature and core changes. At the same time, please pay attention to iron core and armature, once find they crash each other, please stop machine immediately.
4. Power supply voltage of grizzly feeder shall not exceed the rated value, the electric current also cannot exceed the given value in technical performance table.

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