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Matching Relationship Between Grinding Ball and Lining Board


Matching relationship between the hardness of grinding ball and that of lining board has a great influence on grinding efficiency of ball grinder; here, we take the following specific analysis.

Current grinding ball and lining board of ball grinder are mostly made of metal materials; the higher the hardness is, the larger the strength and elastic modulus are, so is the greater rigidity; on the contrary, the impact toughness and deformation will be smaller, which means that the ability to absorb energy becomes smaller.
In the production process of ball mill machine, besides shearing, gouging, fatigue spalling, deformation and corrosion, fracture is also one of the important factors that affect grinding efficiency of ball grinder.
Degree of fragmentation depends on toughness size of materials; when high-hardness grinding ball takes relative movements including impacting, rolling and sliding with high-hardness mill lining board, most kinetic energies can be passed to each other, which make each other come up corresponding deformation. If hardness of grinding ball is higher than that of lining board, the pit on the mill lining board produced by collision will be big and deep; the higher the hardness of grinding ball, the deeper the pit on liner is and the severer the deformation is. While, lower-hardness steel ball makes small influence on deformation of ball mill machine, because part of kinetic energy can be absorbed by the ball itself when they occur collision in ball making equipment.
Production practice has proved that when the ball hardness is slightly bigger than that of lining board, that is, their stiffness ratio K ranges within 1.11 ~ 1.17, consumption of low-alloy high-manganese steel lining reduces by 31% ~ 42% compared with that of ordinary high-manganese steel lining, and the stand-alone efficiency of ball making equipment increases by 2.7% ~ 3.8%.

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