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The Selection Principle of Grinding Media for Tube Mill


Grinding medium is a wearing part of tube mill. When selecting grinding media, we should test, calculate and determine the filling rate and gradation of grinding media according to the powder grinding flow, running speed of the grinding mill, installed power, fractional length of the partition cabin, working surface of lining board and dynamic requirements of different cabins for grinding media. Here Hongxing Machinery will talk about the detailed selection principle of grinding media for tube mill.

Under normal circumstances, to ensure big filling rate of the grinding media of tube mill, the following points should be noted:

(1) The weight of every piece of lining board should be as light as possible.

(2) The contact surface of the sliding bearing surface and the hollow shaft should be reasonable and wrapping shaft braking should be avoided.

(3) The lubrication and cooling of sliding bearing should be normal.

(4) The pressure drop produced by the actual power and circuit of the motor should be small, otherwise, it will have big impact on the loading capacity of the grinding media.

According to the screen analysis of the pellet of tube mill, the big grinding media and coarse powders should be thrown near the position of the center of tube mill, and small grinding media and fine powders should be thrown far away from the center of tube mill. This setting method is because tube mill has different diameter and different dribbling absolute altitude, and the produced potential energy is also different. In the running process of tube mill, it is the smallest balls that are brought to the highest position and big balls are brought to the lowest position in the powder grinding process.

As for the types of grinding media, the commonly used types are steel ball, steel rod and oval steel balls. Generally speaking, the first cabin uses balls and tail cabin uses rods or balls. What should be noted is that the specific area of using rods in the tail cabin is larger than that of using balls, and the flow speed of the grinding mill is relatively slower than that of using balls. The specific selection of grinding media should be determined by the specific working condition.

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