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Why is Compound Crusher Blocked when Producing Limestone


In traditional powder kiln limestone production system, jaw crusher was often adopted to complete the crushing of metallurgical limestone. This machine is mainly used for the coarse crushing of limestone, and the production of ash powder is mainly using the materials screened by circular vibrating screen for sintering production. With the increase of the using amount of the agglomeration ash, compound crusher is gradually introduced to the limestone production system. The modern kiln limestone production system is mainly used for sintering the limestone powders.

compound crusher

In the production process of metallurgical limestone, the compound crusher is usually blocked, which is mainly caused by the following aspects:

(1) The electric appliance breaks down.

When combination crusher is running, that the electric appliance of the motor breaks down, and the belt wheel breaks out of the pin or the pin of the belt wheel breaks down, the bearing is damaged and the transmission belt slides all might cause the material blockage of the combination crusher.

The relevant solutions: Regularly check the equipment and make sure the equipment runs normally. Regularly check and repair the crusher and ensure the normal use of the spare parts.

(2) Uncrushable materials go into the crushing chamber.

The production capacity of combination crusher is 90-110t/h, if there is iron ore or materials with high hardness going into the crushing chamber, it will be blocked due to overload or material stuck in the crushing chamber.

To avoid the overload of combination crusher and production capacity excess in the running process, generally speaking, only two kilns are allowed to discharge ash at the same time. If a middle cabin is needed for powder crushing, avoid the ash discharging period to not to influence the crushing chamber and cause overload. The compound crusher is not allowed to get iron ore to go into the crushing chamber, to avoid this, the fireman should pick up the metal materials on the chain plate, and install an electromagnet on it to prevent foreign matters from going into the crushing machine to damage the hammers, lining board and bearings.

(3) Human error operation.

That the operators may make mistakes in the operation process, such as forget to start the combination crusher, stop the machine too early or the starting order is wrong all cause material blockage.

To avoid this, when starting and stopping the machine, the fireman should operate strictly according to the technical process of metallurgical limestone production, and when starting the machine, first check it, and carry on the next procedure when the equipment signal shows normality. When the middle cabin is crushing powders, first start the combination crusher and then open the electro-hydraulic three-way valve. In addition, the combination crusher must be started with empty load and stopped after all the remaining ashes are discharged.

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