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How Can Select the Most Suitable Bearing for Rod Mill?


Generally speaking, rod mill is driven by the asynchronous motor of high starting torque, such as Y series and JR series. Large-sized rod mill adopts customized low revolving speed synchronous motor like TDMK series which connects the pinion through air clutch to realize single stage gear-down and drive the rotary part to rotate. Generally speaking, rod mill is equipped with air clutch to realize the motor-main engine separate starting, thus effectively reducing the starting power and improving the starting condition.

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The transmission bearing of rod mill adopts double-row self-aligning spherical roller bearing, whose peripheral gears adopt big modulus alloy cast steel helical gear and dry oil atomizer for lubrication. The dry oil atomizer will periodically spray quantitative oil on the working surface of the gears, and there is radial seal gear casting for effective sealing. This type of transmission bearing has stable transmission and small abrasion, and the noises are much lower than that of other types of bearings.

The selection of main bearing of the rod mill has close relationship with the diameter of the cylinder. The rod mill whose cylinder diameter is 900~2100mm adopts spherical surface tile bearing as the main bearing, and the rod mill whose cylinder diameter is bigger or equals 2700 mm adopts completely enclosed self aligning 120°rocker bearing which is made of low-tin and low-hardness Babbitt metal under which there is cooling copper pipe for water flow. The rocker bearing has static pressure structure and adopts high and low pressure union oil station for lubrication. The main bearing of the rod mill and the external sealing adopts piston ring and relies on rubber strip and lubricating grease to realize excellent sealing.

Large-sized rod mill is equipped with low-speed transmission device which can give the main engine 0.12r/min revolving-speed to be used for jigger and maintenance or loose load. In addition, it is also equipped with jack system to be used for jacking up the rotary part when repairing the machine.

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