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The Popularity of Ceramsite Sand Equipment in the Market


The tiny granularity of ceramsite is called ceramsity sand which is usually smaller than 5mm. The ceramsite sand is relatively higher in density and better in chemistry and heat stability. It is mainly used to replace the natural river sand or hill sand to prepare light aggregate concrete, lightweight screed or fine aggregate concrete which is acid and heat resistant. There are mainly three kinds of them: clay ceramic sand, shale pottery sand and coal ash ceramic sand. The purpose of using ceramsite sand is to reduce the structure weight. Ceramsite sand can also be used in soilless culture and industrial filter. As its more and more wide application field, the ceramsite sand equipment is also in short supply.

Characteristics of Ceramsite Sand Equipment:

At present the ceramsite equipment production in our country often adopts the industrial rotary kiln. The cylindrical body which has an angle of 3°between the ground is put on the idler pulley. Materials enter into cylinder from the higher side and fall from the higher place (kiln tail) to the lower place (kiln head). At the same time, the high-pressure fan which is placed at the kiln head blows the coal powder (gas or other fuel) into kiln and makes it combust fully. The heat generated will bring physical and chemical changes to materials and make them expand. The materials after cooling down are ceramsite.

Coal Powder Ceramsite Production Process:

Raw materials (coal powder + quantitive admixture) — mixing and grinding — granulization — burning — piling up — transport (bagging)

The coal powder ceramsite production often adopts double barrel rotary kiln, namely the rotary speed of preheating section and drying section of cylinder can be controlled independently, which brings convenience to preheating time control according to the state of raw materials. Clay ceramsite has been banned to produce and use in certain areas due to the limitation of land resources in recent years. But we can take advantage of the river silt and abandoned mountain soil etc. in some regions.

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