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Design Defect and Improved Method of Temperature Measurement System


Temperature is an important technological parameter of rotary kiln. It plays a decisive role in the production and the quality, and it also will have an impact on energy consumption, working stability and its working lifetime. Temperature measurement system reflects materials’ temperature exactly and truly, it can make sure that the rotary kiln is operated correctly. But the present temperature measurement system has some design defects. Today, we will analyze its design defects and provide improvement measures for you.

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Temperature between bed of material and gas in the rotary kiln has a big difference, which can make sure that temperature of the circumgyrate kiln is materials’ temperature. It is the basic requirement. But because rotary kiln is revolving equipment, temperature measuring point is changed with kiln’s running. Temperature measurer can’t be contacted with materials for long. What’s more, galvanic couple is always impacted by the high-temperature materials along with kiln’s running. And protective jacket of galvanic couple affects the sensibility of temperature measurement system, it will make temperature difference big. These negative factors will have an disadvantageous effect on the ways of multi-point temperature measurement and result.

The transform of temperature measurement system:

(1) To change galvanic couple and lengthen it make that temperature is higher than that of galvanic couple.

(2) To change protective jacket. Frustum construction is instead of straightway construction. It is good for replacement of protective jacket.

(3) By improving signal transmission system of temperature measurement, you can make cable transmission of galvanic current signal into wireless signal transmission. Ten galvanic current signals will go through A/D to convert to figure signal which will be send out by wireless signal transmission. In the master-control room, wireless receiving device will read the signal to show the indicating value of temperature.

(4) To reduce influence of protective jacket to thermometric inertia. You can improve the construction of protective jacket to protect galvanic couple. After improvement, galvanic couple can be touched with materials directly. It can increase the sensibility and veracity of gas temperature and material temperature to lead technological operation correctly.


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