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Five Factors Ensure Proper Functioning of Mining Equipment


Mining machinery equipment is wasting mechanical equipment. Materials, technology, abrasion of wearing parts and human factor have a certain influence on mining machinery equipment. In order to reduce the failure of mechanical equipment, mining makers should correctly analyze all kinds of failure causes and take corresponding measures so as to effectively reduce failure rate and prolong service life of mining machinery equipment.

1. To ensure that the mechanical equipment is not exceeded normal load when working.

Under the undetermined load, mechanical equipment has less abrasion, less failure and long service life. Hence, when working, the mechanical equipment should not exceed the maximum load. If we evenly add or subtract accelerator and prevent big rise and fall of engine and working device, we can effectively prolong lifespan of mining equipment.

2. To carry out normal inspection and timely maintenance.

It's important to conduct routine inspection and regularly check the conditions of each spare part so as to timely help users find and solve potential hazards, thus reducing repair times and prolonging lifespan.

3. To ensure reasonable lubrication of mechanical equipment.

One of the important reasons causing abrasion of mining equipment is unreasonable lubrication. Hence, we should ensure the lubrication of mechanical equipment is reasonable and frequently check amount and quality of lubricant.

4. To conduct pre-service training of operators.

It's necessary to conduct pre-service training of operators. Correctly operating mining equipment can reduce unnecessary damage. Besides, if the operators understand the mining equipment, they can find the abnormity of mining equipment in a time manner, thus ensuring safety of personnel and mining equipment.

5. To minimize the influence of harmful factors.

Running condition of mining machinery equipment is not only related to equipment itself and operators, but related to working environment of equipment. Temperature, weather and pollution episodes all have influence on mining machinery equipment. so, when designing production lines, mining equipment manufacturers should lay emphasis on all kinds of influencing factors to minimize influence of harmful influence, thus ensuring normal operation and prolonging lifespan of mining machinery equipment.

When designing mining machinery equipment, Hongxing Machinery has taken all of these factors into consideration and sent professional technicians to assemble equipment on site until the equipment runs normally and safely. Hongxing Machinery with superior product and excellent service is highly praised by various customers.

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