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Common Faults and Solution to Slag Mill


The Vibration of Slag Mill

Some iron works use small blast furnace which has poor stability and contains lots of clinker in the slag. This kind of clinker has the features of big particle size, poor grindability, strong abradability, and if it goes into the furnace, it will cause the vibration of the grinding roll, destruction of material layer and aggravate the vibration of slag mill. Besides, due to its poor grindability, the outside circulation of materials may increase which will affect the stability of material layer. A vibrating screen is added to the transshipment point of belt in the rectification to screen out the clinker so that the slag mill can operate stably.

The Adjustment of the Classifier

The product has the features of lower superficial area, coarse fineness, when the rotation speed of the classifier is improved, the classification effect is not obvious and the load of the classifier will also be increased. Adjust the angle of wind guide blades during rectification to increase the whirl of the gas so that the load of classifier will drop, and it is convenient to adjust and the distribution of the particle size of product is reasonable when production begins again.

The Phenomenon of Material Clogging

The outside circulation of materials of slag mill contains fine slag powder. Water may lead to hydration agglomerate when the fine powder mixes with wet new materials, resulting in the blockage of feeding chute which will affect the operation of slag mill. Then, by installing an air gun to the feeding chute of the entry of slag mill and cleaning it regularly, the problem will be solved.

The Discharging System

The design for the outside circulation system of slag mill is closed circuit, recycle stock goes into the bucket elevator through zipper machine after being discharged from slag mill, and then enters slag mill through superfine iron remover. The weakness of closed-circuit circulation is that foreign matter cannot be discharged; even the materials in the outside circulation are too much or emptying the slag mill. The outside circulation of materials of slag mill cannot be too much, otherwise the material layer will be instable, the vibration will be intensified and the working condition of mill will deteriorate. Different from raw material roller mill, the roller must be lifted immediately after stopping feeding.

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