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The Prelude of Ore Beneficiation-Crushing and Grinding


Vast territory and abundant resources are usually used by use to describe our beloved motherland. As a matter of fact, many things are created by our people, and really natural stuff usually refers to the mineral resources distributed in land and mountain, including coal, iron ore and rare earth elements, which are the great kindness and presents of nature. However, they are too scarce and not renewable, but they are closely related to people’s life, cell phone, computer, automobile and close dye…It can be said that without mineral resources, human beings could but go back to the primitive life of slash-and-burn cultivation. For this reason, separating the good and useful elements from the mineral resources has a great significance to not only ore beneficiation plant, but the whole universe.

Before the ore beneficiation process, the mineral resources should be first crushed and ground. Just like everything else in the world, the more important the mineral resources are, the less the content is. They are usually associated and coexisted with other impurities, for this reason, it is necessary to crush and grind the crude ores to fine particles to extract minerals with high grade through the follow-up ore beneficiation process. Crushing and grinding of ores are the crucial preparatory work before ore beneficiation whose precondition is to make the useful minerals containing in the ores reach monomer separation. As the granularity existing as useful minerals monomer of the useful minerals is very small, sometimes the ores are needed to be ground to smaller than 0.074 and even finer to separate the useful minerals. Taking crushing as an example, large ore beneficiation plants usually adopt three-stage crushing of coarse, medium and fine to gradually crush the ores to about 8~25mm, and then send the ores to grinding mill for grinding until the useful minerals are separated. The ore grinding process is usually one stage or two-stage.

Traditional crushing circuit will use jaw crusher for coarse crushing, impact crusher for medium crushing and sand maker for fine crushing. It seems very simple, but it will need professional manufacturer like Hongxing Machinery to configure the optimum number and types of equipment to get the best production effect.

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