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How Can Maintain Jaw Crusher Regularly?


The service life of jaw crusher directly influences the normal production of the company, and regularly maintaining jaw crushers can improve the production efficiency and avoid the production delay caused by unnecessary production halts. The regular maintenance of jaw crusher should be carried out from the following aspects:

1. Regularly check the abrasion condition of the internal parts of the machine and timely change the spare parts that are seriously abraded to ensure qualified production. The parameters of the changed spare parts should conform to that of original spare parts.

2. Regularly lubricate the mechanical parts as the biggest factor causing the abrasion of the mechanical parts is insufficient lubrication. The regular lubrication standard is that after jaw crusher works for 400 hours, add proper amount of lubricating grease; after working for 2000 hours, open the principal axis and clean the bearings; after working for 7000 hours, change new bearings.

3. Regularly check the conveyor belt and adjust the tightness of the belt to ensure the even stress on the belt. If the conveyor belt is seriously abraded, timely change it.

Just as more preparation may quicken the speed in doing work, regularly maintaining jaw crusher can not only prolong the service life of jaw crusher, but improve its production efficiency.

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